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Date Published - 2013-11-24 Author - Kristal Bailey

Palmistry Lines

Heart Lines, Head lines, Money Lines, Life lines:
The history of Palmistry dates back to prehistoric times but the basic palmistry (with slight variations) appears to have originated in the East. The  science of palmistry was used by the ancient cultures like the Hebrews, Sumerians, Chinese, Persians, Indians and Greeks and Romans. Aristotle has been known to use and study the science and Alexander the Great used to examine the character of his officers by reading the lines on their hands.

Generally when people talk or think of palm reading they think only in terms of the lines on the palm of one’s hand. In fact for a complete  and true reading the entire hand, and both hands are equally important, are examined. The shape of the hands and fingers, spaces between fingers, colourings of the hands and fingernails, size of mounts, etc. will all be taken note of.

A Palmist is not a fortune- teller and a reputable palmist should take care to ease any nervousness in the person whose palms are being read . Also  a professional and reputable palmist  should steer clear of making any  sort of predictions or pointing out of any character flaws. Suggestions should rather be given concerning areas that can be improved upon. A well-trained palmist can recognize signs in hands that may indicate that your health is compromised, if so he/she may suggest you seek medical attention.

There are three main lines on the palm. These are  the Life line, Head line and Heart line.

The Head line: This line is said to denote a person’s intelligence, imagination ,intuition. It is generally thought  that if one has a curvy head line this denotes spontaneity and creativeness while a straight head line will  represent  structure and practicality. This lines starts at under the index finger and runs to the edge of the outside of the palm.

The Life line:  This line is said to determine  one’s general health and well-being, any major events in your life and your character. The life line is also  thought to show any major changes in one’s life. A good life line should  be fairly wide and extend down towards the wrist. Contrary to some peoples beliefs that the life line indicates a person’s life expectancy there are others that say that it doesn’t. This line runs from the edge of the palm above the thumb  towards the wrist.

The Heart Line:  The Heart line(also known as the Love line) runs from the base of the index finger in a slight curve to the outside edge of the palm. This line deals with the emotions, i.e. the emotional state of a person’s mind, their ability to love or be loved, relationships such as marriage and affairs of the heart. The heart line will in all probability have many other smaller lines and circles that denote different things that enable a palmist to give a true and correct reading, for example certain markings will indicate  certain events in a person’s life. The heart line is also divided into three parts denoting  youth ,adulthood and old age. An interesting secondary line concerning relationships is what some people call the Marriage line and others  The Line of attachment. These lines appear just above the heart line. Light, fine horizontal lines found here are thought to indicate affairs that are not deep commitments. One long, clear line suggests a long-standing and happy marriage or commitment. When there is more than one long, deep line, the lower one is thought to describe the earlier relationship in the person's life.

There are many minor lines and one of these is the Money line. The money line is also , like the marriage or love line , a line that nearly everyone likes to know about. The Money line is located between the little finger and the ring finger, and it crosses the heart line. The money line on your left palm represents the financial fate with which you were born, whilst the one on your right palm suggests the fortune that you will create. The thicker the line, the better your luck. The money line indicates your luck with money, your attitude toward it, and your living conditions, so you could have money in your hand but have all the qualities to be a spendthrift...therefore losing it all!

Date Published - 2013-11-24 Author - Kristal Bailey


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